NY Prestige Limo - Airport Service

Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo 0 comments

I contracted one car to pick-up us in JFK Airport (2012,july,02).The car arrives extremely delayed and the driver called me whem I was arriving in The Surrey Hotel.

I paid an additional tax in order the driver meet us inside the airport. The driver wasn´t there and arrived delayed. We went to hotel by cab.

After I send an e-mail the NY Prestige Limo proposed me to do the transfer hotel-JFK in our departure (2012,July,09). I scheduled by e-mail 11h50 a.m.

The driver arrived at 11h30 and went out without us at 11h40. Whem we done the hotel check-out the driver wasn´t there.

I called the company and the person inform me that the car was there at 11h30.We contracted a SUV in front of hotel paying 50% off comparing with NY Prestige Limo.

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